If you have never been to Alton Towers, well what can we say - you are missing out. It has almost something for everyone. For the thrill seekers there are rides that will turn your knuckles white and your trousers brown, for the younger kids there are more gentile rides and for those not interested in rides at all there are beautiful gardens to wander around.

Alton Towers is not far from Birmingham and is a viable day trip option. It is just 1 and a quarter hours form Birmingham city centre by car or easily got to by public transport. 

For directions by car click here

My best memory of Alton Towers is being on the Air Roller coaster  In case you have never heard of it, when you ride on Air, you are strapped in and then tilted forward so that effectively you are suspended above the ground. You get the feeling that you are flying Superman style. When I was on it, I had the bright idea that I would film the ride. I started filming and then was annoyed because just as we had started and I was suspended above a drop the ride stopped, meaning I was held there for a while. The camera was rolling and I was wasting space on my already full memory card. Then I heard "excuse me". It was repeated again and then I realised it was for me. A member of staff was standing at the side of the roller-coaster and wanted me to pass my camera along the line to him were he would keep it until the ride is over. Apparently I discovered you aren't allowed to film on the roller coaster - whoops. Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed.